About Us

I’m Troy and I have been in construction for longer than I care to remember. In fact, it’s the only job I have ever had since leaving school and something I followed my father into.

As I have got older and especially now I have my own family, I value my safety that much more. One of my best friends had an accident at work and while his hard hat (and other safety equipment) saved his life, he hasn’t worked in construction since. It’s one of the reasons I now buy the best equipment that I can. It might seem like an expense that you could do without but I know my gear has saved me on more than one occassion.

Please don’t under-value your life! Your family will thank you for it.

At HardHatExpert.com, we thrive to commit ourselves to building a wide-range of scope to cover all kinds of hard hats that industries need to make their people safe and comfortable in their workplace. Giving you more advice and providing you the most comprehensive list of hard hat products that are current on the market and all compliant to government standards. We are proud to help make your workplace a safer environment.

We advise everyone of what the best hard hat to buy to better suit the industry’s needs without sacrificing safety. Here, at the HardHatExpert.com, we appreciate those who are giving value, foremost is, their willingness to spend a little amount of money just to protect every head on the planet from flying and falling debris.

Much as we seek to flourish the awareness of every individual in their quest to make every construction site and a mining place safer to all, HardHatExpert.com is going to be here as long as there are heads and brains to protect. We not only give reviews, provide answers to frequently asks questions, rate new and existing products coming out in the market, but also offer honest opinions to hard hat products that you may want to buy, be it in bulk or for individual use.

We also give advice on what’s the latest and the best auto darkening welding helmets on the market today. We discuss the latest technology these amazing products are made of and how they can better serve you well.

We give tips on how to choose the right hard hat for light and heavy industries, explain what their features are, what accessories go with your safety helmet, how to inspect your hard hat, and other stuff that you never imagine are needed as part of to its safety features. You can certainly learn things you never learned in school, some info that your supervisor has no time to teach, and other knowledge about work site safety.

If you want to be sure to pick up something that you can rely on, then head over to our 3 best hard hats page and check them out.

If you already own a safety hard hat, we will teach you how to take care of the tool that will let you survive in a harsh working environment and to properly use your head protection.

We provide information not only for safety, cost-effective, and long lasting hard hats and safety helmets, we also guarantee that you are always safe in style and comfort.

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