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OrbitSun 535 Lumen Hardhat Work Light and 360° Safety Beam Review

If you are seeking for a headlamp that will fit your hard hat and can do the things you don’t imagine can be done by headlights when you are at work, try the OrbitSun 535 Lumen Hardhat Work Light. This amazing product lights up your way on the job-site and other activities where you need illumination during the night, a dimmer environment even on a sunny day or a foggy surrounding, especially in snowy weather.

To make this effective product works more easily, it has 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape that holds the LED bands into your safety helmet in a secure manner. The VHB is a modified acrylic adhesive, made by 3M, with convenient foam core. To know more about this top-of-the-line headlamp, continue reading and be amazed of its traits.

Product’s Key Features and Benefits

This durable bright light increases visibility on the workplace because it has two LED bands that are combined together giving you impressive head lights which are very effective in the workplace. The lights are thrown in with a 360-degree illumination because the upper band completely circles the safety hat making a whole area covered.

Here are some other benefits and admirable features the OrbitSun Work Light has compared to any other brands:

• The headlamp eliminates distortion in areas where shadow and the light beam of the headlamp mixed up allowing you to have better illumination at all times.

• The 360-degree illumination is seen from as far as 600 feet away, so heavy equipment operators may see you clearly even in a pitch black environment, keeping you safer all the time.

• The entire headlight weighs only 1.4 oz, a weight you will not feel on your head at all.

• The lower band is a high-intensity LED that is placed in your front so you can see more clearly without dazzling up your front view.

• Clear front view can also be enhanced up to 100 feet which is much efficient than conventional headlights that commonly clear up to just 20-30 meters ahead.

The OrbitSun 535 Lumen Hardhat Work Light is really an outstanding product made by one of the industry’s leading PPE manufacturers across the United States, the Lumenflex, Inc. This company had been making this kind of product for decades and they know how to make you safer in the workplace. Here are other worthy specifications and some other reasons why you should own one right now and of course, we will also give you some of its note-worthy weaknesses.


• Uses proprietary OrbitSun li-ion battery packs
• Rechargeable headlight that can be used over and over again
• Has “power protection” circuitry to avoid battery damage while charging
• Safety beam has operating time of 12 hours (with 245 lumens)
• Work light has 535 lumens with operating time of 8 hours
• Easy installation (comes with layout template as guide for installation)
• With stretchable power cord
• Weather resistance suitable for ambient temperature that range between -10F to 140F
• The lithium-ion batteries are included in the purchase

• The adhesive re-install kit is not included with the purchase but can be ordered separately
• Has a price that is slightly higher than other brands, but the price speaks for itself


One other good thing about the OrbitSun 535 Lumen Hardhat Work Light is that you can detach it from your safety helmet when not needed but can be easily installed when the need arises. The brilliant capabilities of this headlight make this product more popular to workers who are always made to work overtime and in an environment with unfriendly darkness.