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Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat Review

The Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat is probably one of those safety helmets that are more popular with budget-conscious workers. This durable and cheap hard hat product from Pyramex Safety is definitely considered a budget hard hat but has admirable qualities the same or at par with more expensive brands. Even large manufacturing industries prefer this safety hard hat because of its affordable price without sacrificing the safety of their workforce.

Moreover, the Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat is provided with a 4-point vented ratchet suspension which could be replaced when it is worn out. This product carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. We are pretty sure you’ll be more than satisfied when you try one of these hard hats as it is not surprising it’s one of the leading brands in the market today. Find out more about this amazing safety headgear here.

Key Features and Benefits

Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat
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If you are using this safety helmet during summer you will find its vent holes on top of the hat to be useful. This holes will keep you cool during the hot months so you will feel more comfortable. The Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat is no wonder considered a high-performance impact protection for most types of job. This product has superior electrical insulation, hardness, gloss, and toughness because it is made from ABS material. Compared to PE (polyethylene) materials, the Ridgeline variety is lighter but tougher.

As PE types of hard hats are commonly thickened to pass standards which make them heavier, the Pyramex Ridgeline Hard Hat remains thin and still pass the industry standards. The suspension system that comes with this safety gear is a 4-point adjustable ratchet for optimal positioning and ultimate comfort for users. Some brands do not have this salient feature.

Adjusting the harness points can be easily done by removing the suspension from the safety hat and just re-position the harness points into a different slot. Then all you have to do is repeat these steps to the remaining three harness points. Additionally, the straps of the suspension system are threaded through a vented pressure pad keeping the straps in place that provides an additional level of comfort.

Pros and Cons of the Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat

  • Can be adjusted from 6.25 to 8 inches head size
  • Made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material, a thermoplastic resin
  • Lightweight at only 347 grams (including the ratchet) but very durable and rigid
  • Can have a higher or lower profile hat sets by also adjusting the harness points
  • With four-way adjustable points (forward, backward, up, or down)
  • Front side is padded with a washable fabric and a polyurethane foam sweatband for more protection on frontal impact
  • Adjustable headband back is also padded and secured with swinging hinged points


  • The 4-point vented ratchet suspension replacement is not included on your purchase
  • Other accessories such as helmet head light, earmuffs, etc., are also not included but can be ordered separately from the same dealer


Don’t you worry when you have a minimal budget for a hard hat. The Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat can definitely suit your financial capability and still enjoy the benefits of wearing a hard hat inside the workplace. We find this product a must for small and large industries where they can save a lot of money but still keep their employees safe at all time.