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Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet 3350 Review

If you are looking for a safety helmet that you could depend on when you are at work, the Lincoln Electric Welding 3350 Series is worth a second glance. Also known as the Viking Welding Helmet 3350 Series, this top-of-the-line safety gear is the new generation of PPE (personal protective equipment) designed to give optimum safety as well as total comfort to its users. This product offers 4C technology that allows you to view screens on the helmet stretching out a 1|1|1|1 optical clarity grade clearer than conventional welding helmets.

This auto-darkening welding helmet knows no boundaries in reaching out beyond the standard occupational safety matters in question. This helmet has an ADF control knob that is very easy to operate, even amateur welders will not have difficulty using this headgear. This device operates on a lithium battery provided for you when you buy this unit.

Key Features and Benefits

Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet 3350
Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet 3350
Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet 3350
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The Viking 3350 Series does not only offer visual clarity but also promotes optimum health as the headgear do not absorb the fumes or smoke from welding activities. The gear has an aerodynamic design, like a motorcycle helmet, that breaks away the welding smoke from your face. Moreover, unlike the old type of welding helmet, this innovation creates a healthy environment that allows you to inhale fresh air rather than poisonous fumes coming from welding rods or fluxes.

This welding gear subsequently addresses the life-long safety and visual issues of the past. The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 welding helmet is the right helmet that also protects your eyes and face from harmful sparks brought about by prolonged exposure to this kind of job. We strongly believe that every welder and worker from this type of job should have this kind of headgear for their own good.

Additionally, companies should also take into consideration the several benefits of wearing this kind of safety helmet for their workers to minimize accidents inside the job site. After all, aside from promoting productivity inside the workplace, Lincoln Electric had advised that “sometimes while working on thin, exotic and/or expensive materials, superior visibility is needed. When you’re able to more clearly perceive subtle variations in the ever-changing arc and weld puddle, you’re able to deliver more accurate end results, with higher-quality welds.”

Pros and Cons of the Lincoln Electric 3350 Welding Helmet

  • With increased visibility by reducing the lime green tint
  • Lens shade from 5 to 13, with grind mode
  • Enhanced viewing area covering 3.74-in. by 3.34-in.
  • Has special design ratchet to fit any size of head
  • Made from lightweight plastic and nylon
  • Comes with helmet bag, bandana, and lenses
  • Can be used in arc, stick, TIG, Plasma, and even on MIG welding
  • Enhances quality welds in any condition
  • Continuous variable sensitivity and delay
  • Conforms to EN 379 standard
  • With 4 arc sensors and solar power source
  • No need to raise the lens when viewing the weld
  • Needs battery to operate but package includes one unit
  • Other accessories are not included on your purchase but can be ordered separately (such as the outside cover lens, inside clear cover lens, etc.)
  • Initial investment to purchase this hood is slightly higher than other brands of its class, but the safety and healthy features are worth every penny


For a safer and healthier you inside the work site, the Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet, 3350 Series will also protect your eyes and face during a lengthy hour of welding jobs. This safety hood, although cost higher than other brands, its innovative features, and other conveniences will not hinder you to purchase one.

Furthermore, its optical accuracy is unequaled by any other name, even its continuously variable shade (ranging from 5 to 13) has an internal control. Another thing is, you will certainly love the fit of this wonderful product. While this product has the perfect optical clarity rated as EN379, it is also a pivot style safety gear for optimum performance.

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