Hard Hat Reviews for 2023

Welcome to Hard Hat Expert where we review the latest hard hats available and advise on the most suitable safety helmet for your industry.

In addition to our reviews on hard hats, we are also eager to talk about the best auto darkening welding helmet that is strongly ruling the work sites and is becoming the preferred Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of those who are in the welding industry.

6 Top Rated Hard Hats – 2023 Reviews

MSA Tan Skullgard Hard Hat: Staz-On Suspension & Full Brim 454664

First of all, the MSA Tan Skullgard Hard Hat 454664 is compliant to ANSI /CSA (Z89.1-2014) Type I Class G, meaning this safety helmet could be used in an environment where the danger of high voltage up to 2,200 volts is present. Well, this heavy-duty hard hat could also provide you protection not only for falling debris but also in an unexpected electrical bump to the head where high-voltage cables may be lying low or extremely unavoidable at the work site.


• Adjustable suspension size range from 6 1/2 to 8 inches.

• Can withstand high temperatures up to 350F (177C).

• Equipped with Staz-on (with 4-point web) suspension system providing maximum comfort and semi-customized fit.
• Ideal to use in the construction, steel manufacturing, ship building, and welding industries, among other heavy industries.
• 3 suspension systems to choose from (sold separately other than the Staz-on).
• Other available suspension systems include the Fas-Trac III and the Swing-Ratchet suspension systems.
• Available in two different styles: Hat and Cap.
• The hat is terrific for outdoor use while the cap is ideal for welders.


• Not to be used in an environment where workers might be exposed to a voltage of more than 2,000 volts.

OrbitSun™ 535 Lumen Hardhat Work Light & 360° Safety Beam

If you want a 360-degree visibility during your night work and at the same time, you will be seen as far as 600 feet, use the OrbitSun 535 Lumen Hard Hat Work Light. This ultra bright LED infused helmet light is perfect for pitch black environment, even non-industry workers, bikers, dog-walkers on the highway, and other night activities can be safer for these people. Additionally, using the OrbitSun 535 attached to your hard hat has 100 feet of detailed exposure so you can clearly see what’s ahead of you at this distance.


• Comes complete with lithium-ion battery pack with coiled power cord for easy handling.

• Easy to carry battery pack included in the purchase.

• Last longer than any other headlamps.

• Combination of two LED bands: normal output at 245 lumens, while high output at 535 lumens.

• Operating time exceeds 8 hours with continued use.

• Lightweight at 1.4oz (40 grams).

• Serves also as a reflector, especially when working overtime on highways.


• The hard hat pictured in the advert is not included in the purchase.
• Might be pricey compared to other hard hat lights, but the price speaks for its multiple functions and added safety features no other brand could match.

HDPE Natural Tan Full Brim Hard Hat with Fas-Trac Suspension

This affordable hard hat is made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), one of the known materials to exhibit flexibility during impact, and the True Crest HDPE Natural Tan Full Brim Hard Hat is primarily made out of this heavy-duty material. Also known as an advanced engineering resin, the HDPE (also classified as a type of fiberglass) material allows for this safety helmet to have vented holes on both sides to keep you cooler without weakening the integrity of the hat. This hard hat exceeded the requirements set by OSHA and ANSI/ISEA Z289.1-2014 standards and classified this affordable hat as Type I, Class C, which signifies that it can be used in light industries with a minimum of electrical hazards and low-lying work areas.


• Has a Fast-trac suspension system (ratchet-style) for quick adjustment of fit.
• In full brim configuration sealing off rain fall on any side of the face.
• Ideal in an extremely hot environment.
• Lightweight at only 1.2 lbs.
• The back has twist-knob to adjust the fit quick and easy.


• Not advisable to wear in a working environment with electrical hazard (that is, this safety hat has C classification).
• With limited use.

Texas America Safety Company Hydro Dipped Full Brim Style Hard Hat Carbon Fiber

The Full Brim Texas America Safety Company Hard Hat is probably one of the leading brands in North America because of its affordable price, full brim style, durable material, and other unique features that can’t be easily found on other safety helmets in the market today. This Hydro Dipped Carbon Fiber Hard Hat has an adjustable ratchet-style suspension system that commonly fits every working man and woman of various industries.

This America Safety Company-produced safety hat is a certified best seller because of its affordability but with superior quality that makes you safer in the workplace.The gloss finish is stylish and won’t easily fade and scratch even in the harshest weather condition. Made primarily from carbon fiber, this safety gear is also using the Pyramex Full Brim technology to protect your face from rain or even from snow and just from flying and falling debris.


• Compliant with OSHA and ANSI regulations.
• Adjustable ratchet-style suspension for an easy fit.
• Stylish design and geometric patterns available.
• Can fit any kind of accessories, such as light, earmuffs, headlamp, and other functional add-ons without damaging the exterior.
• Carbon fiber material that does not corrode even when soaked in sweat and moisture.


• Slightly heavier than the leading brand. This model weighs 2 lbs.

MSA Safety 475408 Skullgard Hard Hat: Fast Track Suspension White

The MSA Safety Skullgard 475408 Hard Hat is one safety helmet that will guard you everywhere you go. Whether you are on the tallest building or the deepest gold mine in the country, this OSHA approved safety gear is one of the most popular brands in the United States. The hat is approved for use (Type I Class G) in a workplace where there is an imminent danger of electrical voltage not exceeding 2,000 volts.

The hat could also be used in outdoor activities, such as wall climbing, zip lining, mountain climbing, and other outdoor adventures because of its lightness (only 1lbs total weight including the suspension). The suspension system is a ratchet-type called the Fast-Trac III, a proprietary suspension system known as its easy and quick adjustment.


• ANSI/ ISEA Z89.1-2014 compliant for medium to heavy industries, with protection from vertical impacts and major penetrations.
• This hat is a standard size that fits 6 1/2 to 8 inches.
• Can withstand the high-temperature of up to 350F.
• Comes in white, with built-in slots for accessories and other attachments.
• Made from phenolic (a type of rigid synthetic resin) material ideal for welding works, ship building, and construction.
• Other applications include agriculture, oil and gas, waste water treatment, sand blasting, paper and pulp, and other similar industries.


• Not ideal to use in an environment with more than 20,000-voltage hazard. Wearers may not be protected from this level of voltage.

Jackson Safety SC-6 Hard Hat (14834), 4-Point Ratchet Suspension

Coming in white color with 4-point ratchet-style suspension system, the Jackson Safety Hard Hat 14834 is built to last and protect your head any time of the day. This safety gear conforms to the ANSI Z89.1-2009 requirements (Type I Class C, G, E) that are made from dielectric HDPE (high-density polyethylene) that is also very light which adds up to its convenience of use.

The Jackson Safety SC-6 is also a product of American technology that is unequaled by any other brand worldwide. Even women working on heavy industries will fit into the adjustable size of the suspension that ranges from 6 1/2 to 8 inches. So, whenever you want protection with style, rely on a Jackson Safety Hard Hat.


• One of the lightest hard hat in the market (only 14.9oz or 0.93lbs).
• Replaceable suspension.
• Long lasting safety because of innovative design mixed with a durable and flexible material.
• Ideal for women because of its lightness.
• Does not smell even not wash regularly (but it is advisable to clean the hat occasionally to prolong life much longer).


• One of the most expensive types on our list. But this hat will really protect the lives of your personnel in any weather.

How to Choose & Inspect a Hard Hat?

Choosing ahard hat is not so hard after all! While there are hundreds of types and classes of hard hats available on the online store today, the picking is a lot easier than you thought. The modern safety hard hats that are proliferating in the market nowadays have innovations that are truly functional and have more safety features compared to a decade ago (You also might want to check our article – Choosing the best carbon fiber hard hat).

There are now fiberglass hard hats molded into a light but durable and strong full brim hard hat that is perfect for those who are working in high-rise buildings where wind velocity is stronger and surrounding temperatures may vary any time of the day, even at night when there is an urgency to finish the job. There are also hard hats that come in various colors to give distinction between workers’ individual role in the work place. You can even get a pink hard hat!

Some of the leading brands that manufacture superior quality hard hats along with their accessories are the MSA Hard Hats, Bullard Hard Hats, Texas America Safety Company, OrbitSun, and the Jackson Hard Hats brands. These products are the current leaders in the hard hat category and are one of the best choices in buying hard hats for various industries, such as mining, manufacturing, and construction, among others.

Moreover, inspecting your hard hat is a must for every individual just like you are inspecting your packed lunch before you go to work. Here are some of the best ways to inspect your hard hat:

  • Check the shell for cracks, dents, nicks, gouges, abrasions, and other forms of damages that may render the hat useless.
  • If your helmet’s shell is made from polycarbonate or thermoplastic and other plastic type materials, check for brittleness, stiffness, dullness of color, fading, and other damages. If these warning signs are present in the shell, it should be replaced immediately.
  • The hard hat suspension system must also be inspected for tear and wear, cut on straps, cracks, and other forms of wear. If you noticed any of these signs, it is time to replace your suspension system.

Meanwhile, for company owners who order hard hats in bulk, they must see to it if what they ordered complies to the standards set by OSHA, such as labeling the class (G, E, or C), the type (I or II), the requirements under the ANSI Z89.1-2009 regulation, and other information written inside the hat (see this link for list of other OSHA requirements: F.A.Q).

What Hard Hat Accessories You Need to be Safer?

When you use a hard hat, there are certain accessories that you would like to come with the helmet to make working more efficient, convenient, and as an added safety feature. Such accessories must not interfere with your sight, must protect parts of the face, make the safety hat more comfortable, secure the hat in any position, and other functions that enhance safety in the workplace.

Some of the most useful accessories that work well with safety helmets include face shields, sweatbands, earmuffs, goggles, hard hat liners, and head lights, to name just a few. Some hard hats for sale may or may not include these accessories on your purchase, but manufacturers mostly provide these add-ons separately and can be purchased individually.

Features to Consider When Buying the Best Hard Hat Lights

One of the accessories of a safety helmet is the hard hat with a light. The light is typically used in the mining industry where it is usually installed at the front of the hat or in any part of the helmet where it could not serve as a distraction, so workers may be able to see in the dark without holding a flashlight and do their job easily with their hands free from carrying flashlights. Other industries also use this type of headlamp especially when their people need to work in dark places, at night with low visibility and, as an added safety precautions.

The hard hat lights come in various sizes and illuminations. There are LED hard hat lights, which are one of the most popular types. Here are some of the most sought-after features of a hard hat flashlight that you must also consider before purchasing one:

  • Durable and non-slip strap
  • Easy to install/operate
  • Long lasting power
  • Long distance drop protection
  • Movable or adjustable
  • Heavy-duty
Here are the Top 3 Hard Hats for 2022
Be safe in the workplace by wearing the best hard hats in the marketplace. While you are still having a hard time on deciding what hard hat to buy, find these 3 leading brands (the Petzl Pro, Pyramex, and the MSA Safety Works) as among the best choices to narrow down your decision.