How to Pick the Best Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

Who wouldn’t want to be safe in their workplace, especially electricians and construction site workers? That is why there are safety hard hats which are designed solely for them to be worn inside their job site to protect their head from injury or even death from falling or flying objects, electrical shocks, burns, and other hazards inside their working areas. Today, there are carbon fiber hard hats that are made tougher and stronger making construction job sites safer and more convenient to work with.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) are the two leading agencies across the United States who are advocating for the safety in the workplace. The OSHA is requiring all employees and workers across the nation exposed in areas where these hazards are present to protect themselves with the necessary head gears. Additionally, current report from the American Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), states that among the head injuries sustained by construction workers inside the sites revealed that a staggering 84% of those injured/disabled were not wearing any head protection.

When do you need to wear hard hat

Wearing safety hard hats, although not convenient for some, may save lives in a place where most events are not certain. It is advisable to wear hard hats in your workplace (mostly construction sites) where falling objects are imminent, for electricians who handle high voltage electrical cables, are exposed near electrical conductors that could contact the head, and the danger of impact from flying debris, and other places where a need for head protection is essential.

Just like motorcycle riders who need protection (helmets) from crashes and other similar accidents to protect the head from fatal injuries resulting from fall and collisions, hard hats are also advisable where workplace has a potential for head injury.

Hard hat carbon fiber defined

Carbon fiber hard hats, unlike conventional hard hats, are lighter but still durable and stronger than heavy hard hats of yesteryear. Carbon fiber hard hats are also more comfortable to wear than conventional hard hats because of their innovative designs and light material. This type of hard hats is also priced reasonably where safety and comfort for the wearer are the utmost priority.

Pick the Best Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

These types of hard hats are also built to last and do not easily cracked when hit by hard objects, so you have the optimum protection.

There are different types of carbon fiber hard hats available in the market today. If you are not comfortable with your company-issued hard hat and you want more comfort and lighter to the feel hard hats, and yet much safer, there are available head gears of this kind at Amazon, with almost the same price (or sometimes much cheaper) than your company provides, why not give yourself what you want?

Benefits of wearing carbon fiber hard hat

Designed to protect mainly your head, carbon fiber hard hat in full brim is one of the most recognizable designs and features where you can have the absolute protection from the elements and falling debris. Hard hat full brim usually has a low profile design, has rain through on side and back that keeps water and moisture away from the face, and has a ratchet suspension for easy adjustment and allows you to customize the fit.

This type of hard hat has also replaceable and washable soft brow or pads and is commonly equipped with universal accessory slots that fit chin strap and cap mounted earmuffs and other accessories. Full brim hard hats also come in various colors that you can choose from depending on the environment that you are working on. For example, a perfect color for night time is orange and other colors that could be easily seen in dimmer surroundings.

Additionally, even small companies can afford to supply their workers this kind of hard hat. The lightness, convenience of wearing, affordable price (with price ranging from $20 to $60 a piece, depending on make and model), and certified safer than any other brand. You can order in bulk from Amazon Prime and ship to your company free of charge.


Now that you know that you can be safer using a carbon fiber hard hat than using the more brittle hard hats of old, you can switch anytime to make your life safer than ever in your workplace. You can also choose the specific type you want depending on your type of work, whether you are an electrician, a construction crew, and even the professionals should wear this hat every time visiting the work site.