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Ridgeline Full Brim 4 Pt Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat by Pyramex Safety Review

Product by:
Pyramex Safety

Reviewed by:
On April 7, 2018
Last modified:October 24, 2021


Your search for an affordable hard hat for your own use in any conditions will end when you chose the Ridgeline Full Brim 4 Pt Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat by Pyramex Safety. Just like the countless satisfied customers across the United States, this brand outsells many others. Its features speak for itself.

The Ridgeline Full Brim 4 Pt Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat by Pyramex Safety is another economically priced piece of safety gear. If you would want to know more about this brand, we are just too glad to tell them to you. Here goes!

This amazing product is one of the fastest selling brands on the market today. Aside from its reasonable price this Pyramex Safety product has quiet outstanding salient features that you can find on other more expensive brands. This handsomely crafted safety helmet comes in more than 10 colors which actually suit a color-coding scheme for a company.

Additionally, some dealers offer big discount for those who will be ordering in bulk. Know more about this safety gear from Pyramex Safety.

Key Features and Benefits

The strong but ultra-light Pyramex Safety Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat has a replaceable soft brow pad and a suspension ratchet. This hard hat is very light because it is constructed from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material, a common thermoplastic polymer. This material makes the hat so light but stronger than polyethylene (PE). This lightweight (only 1.6 oz overall weight) equipment gives users the advantage of utmost comfort compared to a heavy hard hat that can sometimes cause annoyance to the wearer, thus minimizing productivity in the workplace. Additionally, a heavier hard hat may get you easily tired and tempts you to take away your head protection when your neck aches.

Furthermore, owning one of this durable hard hat makes you more adaptable to the size of your head. The suspension can be adjusted easily due to its 4-point position harness. You can adjust the harness on your desired position such as up, down, forward, or backward where you are more comfortable.


• Certified best-seller in almost all online stores

• The shell has a maximum service life of 5 years (when no damage during this time) and 1 year for the suspension system

• Meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Standards, Type 1 (Class C, G, and E)

• Adaptable for other hard hat accessories (such as a headlamp, sun shades, winter liners, etc.)

• With top-of-the-line shell construction and design

• Ideal for jobs which require far-reaching sight

• Comes with written care instructions/guidelines on your purchase

• With replaceable sweatband (made from soft padded fabric and polyurethane foam) for extraordinary comfort

• As advertised by some dealers, the 4-point suspension can be converted into a 6-point system only if you purchase the HP6PTSUS model

• Comes only with hard hat shell and suspension system without any other accessories, but you can customize yours with additional cost

• You can only use the same type/brand of suspension system at the time of replacement for this brand


For a top-tier head protection during your time at the construction or manufacturing site, the Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat by Pyramex Safety is what you need. This innovative hard hat is reasonably priced and would last the required lifespan of safety helmets with proper care. There is certainly no alternative to utmost protection on your head that can save your life while on the job site.

While you may find more issues against this product, these will not affect the durability and usefulness of this effective tool in protecting your life when you are on the job.