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Top 3 Best Hard Hat (2023) – Reviews

Find out about the best hard hats available in the market today. This vital piece of safety equipment is essential for the prevention of head injuries – Protect your head today!

If you are looking for the greatest head protectors used in construction, industrial, and other workplaces and you want to stay safe while on the job, these three finest protective helmets are a great choice. Take your pick for better head protection!

Best Hard Hats Reviewed

Furthermore, these brands meet the strict standards imposed by the US Government which is why they are highly recommended for use in any industry. When it comes to safety, there is no substitute for good head protection. Here’s our list of the best hard hats available today:

Best Hard Hat: Quick Picks

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1. Petzl Vertex

The Vertex Best Professional Helmet by Petzl is probably one of the most versatile and strongest hard hats available in the market today. It has a clean design that continues to protect more and more heads across the construction sites all over the world. It has one of the strongest chin straps ever designed. Additionally, its shell is made from high-strength polyester that does not deform easily. This hard hat can even stop a molten metal splash!

Furthermore, the closed and unventilated shell of the Vertex Best protects you from high-voltage electrical shock and great impact protection from the hardest falling debris in the workplace. This protective hat is also compatible with accessories such as the Pixa or Vario headlamps and the Vizir, Vizir Shadow, and Vizen protective (face) shields which can be inserted on the sides.

Key Features and Benefits

There are several functional and safety features the Petzl Vertex Helmet can offer to its users. It has a strong chin strap that can withstand an excessive force of up to 50 daN (500N) which restrict the risk of losing the hard hat during a fall. This way, you are sure to get the head protection you need during an accidental fall.

The helmet is also certified conforming to the standards of the ANSI Z89.1-2009, bearing the description of Type 1 Class E, so it is truly safe to use in the United States and Canada. If other countries are adopting this standard, this safety helmet is recommended for use in that country. The helmet also meets several requirements for industrial use, such as impact protection from falling objects, molten metal spray, low-temperature use, and lateral deformation (EN 397, EN 12492, and EN 50365, among others).

The hat also meets the requirements and standards set by the United States’ OSHA. With these strict government requirements, the Vertex Best is truly safe to use in any industrial and construction setting. Available in a multitude of different colors – Remember, hard hat colors matter (see hard hat colors meaning)

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight at only 455 grams
  • Unisex – Great for both male and female adults
  • Equipped with the proprietary CenterFit adjustment system keeping the head centered on the hat
  • Comes in various colors useful when color-coding is needed in the workplace
  • Has 6-point webbing suspension system conforming to the diameter or shape of the head, for a comfort fit
  • Can also be fitted with earmuffs
  • Designed for intense shock to be be absorbed by the outer shell as it will deform in case of hard fall or falling debris
  • Will fit people with a head circumference of 53 to 63 cm (20.86- 24.80 inches)
  • Compatible to any headlamps with elastic headband
  • Ideal for workers that work at height
  • Also perfect for miners, electricians, and other hazardous jobs
  • Aside from offering great protection, this helmet is also stylish and fashionable
  • Great for colder weather
  • Accessories are not included in the purchase (like the Pixa or Ultra Vario headlamps or the Vizir, Vizir Shadow or the Vizen protective shields, and the earmuffs). They are sold separately
  • Might look bulky for adults with small facial features

When you are looking for an affordable alternative to your current hard hat, try the Petzl Pro Vertex Best CSA Professional Helmet. This quality protective gear will protect you whether working up high or the most gruesome gold mine in the planet. The Vertex Best Helmet is a top rated hard hat to be reckoned with!

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2. Pyramex Ridgeline Vented Hard Hat

The Pyramex Ridgeline Hard Hat with ratchet suspension is a vented, cap style, and comes in white for great visibility day and night even in poorly lit areas.  The helmet provides optimum protection and is cooling during during hot weather with its handy ventilation that allows good air circulation. The hat has also a low center of gravity keeping its balance on the head that is why the straps will never loosen even if you are high-above the windy construction site.

As the Pyramex tag line suggests, “The Peak of Safety and Style”, which is quite true with their amazing line of products for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), the Cap Style Hard Hat and offers industry / construction workers a safety hat that has actually got some style. The Ridgeline has 4-position harness-spots that permit the user to move the harness upward, backward, forward, and downward.

Key Features and Benefits

This Pyramex hard hat meets all of the OSHA requirements so you are assured of its integrity and reliability and is from one of the most popular hard hat manufacturers. The Pyramex Ridgeline Safety Hat is a unisex helmet so great for both adult male and female workers on any types of jobs that need head protection. It’s nicely finished and the rear padded suspension allows for a more relaxed feel offering comfort to your neck.

A handy feature is the sweatband of the Ridgeline Hard Hat is replaceable and made of padded fabric and polyurethane foam that is soft yet strong enough to support the chin. Its pressure pad above the head is also vented to keep the straps in its proper place that allows an extra level of convenience and comfort while you wear the hat for extended periods of time.

Pros and Cons

  • Made from molded ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material, that can withstand high-voltage cables
  • Ultralight at only 1.6oz so it’s comfortable to wear this hat all day
  • Has easy-to-grasp triangular knob for quick adjustment
  • Suspension could be adjusted from 6.25 to 8 inches for enlarging the helmet’s size
  • Reversible helmet can be worn backward as you wish
  • Long lasting headband even if not maintained regularly
  • OSHA-approved product
  • Does not fall even if the wearer is upside down
  • Compatible with Pyramex accessories, such as face shield, headlamp, and sun visor, among others
  • The hard hat suspension system of this product might need both hands to adjust especially the swivel. This is made to secure the system in the most turbulent of environments
  • The sweatband needs to be washed and cleaned occasionally, especially during the summer months!

The Pyramex Safety Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat (equipped with a four point suspension system) is a nice and safe alternative for more expensive hard hats available in the market. This product surely has the punch when keeping your head, and even your face safe whenever you hit the construction job site. It is also quite ideal for use during the hot and humid summer because of its lightness / coolness at this time.

The most comfortable hard hat we’ve worn

This is a hard hat that you’ll hardly know you are wearing and great for contractors that want ease of movement while getting the protection they need from one of the lightest and stylish yet ultimately safe helmet.

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3. MSA Skullgard Cap Style Safety Hard Hat

The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat (Cap Style) is one of the most popular brands of hard hat by most industry leaders. Its unique features and simplicity in design make this Professional Hardhat the best alternative for conventional safety helmets in the workplace. This lightweight hard hat meets the requirements of the ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 safety standards and categorized as Type 1 Class G. It’s a front brim hard hat, ball cap style .

This 15.2oz Skullgard Cap safety hard hat has ratchet suspension (the suspension strap is made from nylon crown) that makes adjustment easy and quick. The helmet is highly recommended for use in high temperatures. Additionally, this fast-selling product is hand-crafted in the USA using the latest in manufacturing technology.

Key Features and Benefits

Aside from being great for most workplaces, this safety helmet is also ideal for hobbyists, outdoor adventurers (like mountain climbing, spelunking, mountain trekking), and other outdoor activities that require head protection. The Safety Works Professional Hardhat offers maximum protection and comfort where other hard hats fail to deliver.

This hat exceeds the requirements of ANSI regulations (American National Standards Institute) and isalso fit for heavy-duty use. When it’s raining the front brim is perfect for rain protection which also offers extra sun protection during the summer months.

Pros and Cons

  • Has Type 1 Class G classification indicating it offers great protection for top-down impacts and provides dielectric protection from high voltage (2,200 volts)
  • Durable, strong, and lightweight material
  • Easily adjustable to the ideal snug fit using its ratchet suspension system
  • Fits most heads for both adult male and female
  • Reflectorized so it can be easily seen even in a dim and foggy environment
  • Ideal for electricians and other workers exposed to high voltage cables
  • Can withstand top-down impact to the top of the head like a bull hammer falling from above
  • Crack-resistant that will keep your head protected for prolonged period of time
  • Made from injection molded fiberglass
  • Replaceable suspension ratchet
  • Not the cheapest but once you hold one of these you’ll know you have a quality item with distinctive qualities
  • Currently one of the heaviest hard hats in the industry at 15.2oz. But with the weight you get that extra, reassuring, protection

Despite its higher price tag compared to other hard hats available in the market today, the Skullgard Hardhat by MSA is quite appealing to most employers across the United States. This superior quality helmet offers more protection from a more hostile work environment where possible head impact is more likely than any other workplace.

The protection the Safety Works Professional Hardhat offers is really utmost safety even in any type of weather and in any type of surroundings. The advantage of using this helmet is its versatility and fantastic protection capabilities.

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Construction sites are dangerous places and on any job site, it is mandatory for employees working in areas where there is a possible danger of head injury from impact, or from falling or flying objects, or from electrical shock and burns to wear a hard hat.

When choosing a hard hat, it is important to consider the type of work being done, the environment, and the weight of the hat. The best hard hats are lightweight and have a comfortable and secure fit. If you want the best hard hat then you can’t go far wrong with the ones on our list.